Presentation av Precise Biometrics

Introduktion av Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics säljer säkerhetslösningar för fingeravtrycksigenkänning till företag och myndigheter över hela världen. Bolagets biometriska lösningar inkluderar hård- och mjukvara för smarta kort, datorer och inbyggda lösningar. Exempel på användningsområden är: ID-kort, in- och utpasseringssystem samt inloggningar på datorer och nätverk. Bolaget har två affärsområden:

  • Mobile: Utveckling av verifikationslösningar för smartatelefoner och tablets.
  • IAM: Försäljning av Fingertrycksavläsare, till ID-korts-, företags- och bankmarknaden samt inbyggda lösningar.


Fingerprint technology

“Precise Biometrics is a leader in fingerprint biometrics for the global mobile device market, and its fingerprint technology, which offers superior convenience and security, is critical for mobile device manufactures to ensure the transition to the new authentication paradigm” -Nandini Bhattacharya, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan


Precise Biomatch Mobile

Precise BioMatch Mobile offers integration of convenient and secure fingerprint identification on any smartphone or tablet with a fingerprint sensor. The modular design offers customers great flexibility through the ability to optimize and select functionality based on implementation requirements. The product is sensor independent and optimized for Android, but available for other operating systems on request.

Precise BioMatch Mobile offers easy integration of fingerprint matching on smart mobile devices with a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint algorithm is based on Precise Biometrics’ standardized extractor and matcher technology, which is ISO 19794-2 compliant.

Supporting the core extractor and matcher, our fingerprint algorithm products come with a variety of helpful tools, such as an image quality assessment module, API sample code, guides for easy integration, evaluation software and demo.

Precise Biomatch embedded

Precise BioMatch Embedded offers integration of convenient and secure fingerprint identification on any hardware platform, such as mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals, computers, handheld units or other hardware where biometric identification is required. The modular design offers customers great flexibility through the ability to optimize and select functionality based on implementation requirements.

Due to the modular design, deliveries with extractor-only or matcher-only can be made. Customer-specific deliveries utilizing other template formats such as ANSI 378 and Precise BioMatch J are made on demand. Precise BioMatch Embedded is sensor independent and can be used for both Match-on-Device and Match-on-Card implementations.

The fingerprint algorithm is based on Precise Biometrics’ standardized extractor and matcher technology, which is ISO 19794-2 compliant. Supporting the core extractor and matcher, our fingerprint algorithm products come with a variety of helpful tools, such as an image quality assessment module, API sample code, guides for easy integration, evaluation software and demo.

Precise Match On Card

recise Biometrics offers software for fingerprint authentication on smart cards for use in mobile and desktop solutions. Our fingerprint technology is deployed worldwide and we have more than 160 million sold licenses. Precise Match-on-Card stores and authenticates your credentials inside the smart card. The fingerprint matching algorithm runs solely within the secure environment of the smart card. This offers the highest degree of security as your stored fingerprint information never leaves the card.

Match-on-Card is a preferred technology among many governments today. Read our case studies on how Portugal and Thailand are using Match-On-Card on their national ID-cards. The fingerprint algorithm in Precise Match-On-Card is based on close to 20 years of research and has achieved top results in Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II evaluations that are conducted by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Precise BioMatch™ ISO C is compliant with the ISO 19794-2 standard.

Smart Card Reader

Tactivo is a form-fitted mobile smart card reader that provides convenient and secure access to restricted resources from your mobile device. The main benefits of using Tactivo are:
Convenient Mobility
Tactivo brings true mobility to organizations using smart cards and solutions can be deployed in the existing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Our smart card readers are proven and used by the US government, UK and Swedish healthcare and Fortune 500 companies. Tactivo is fast, reliable and cost effective.

Secure and compliant
Tactivo offers strong security through two-factor authentication, combining smart card authentication with fingerprint or PIN-code. All our smart card readers are FIPS 201 compliant (FIPS 201 (Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 201) is a United States federal government standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for Federal employees and contractors.- Wikipedia), listed on GSA APL and made in the USA.

User experience
Tactivo for iPhone and iPad are form-fitted and designed to perfectly fit and protect the device in order to keep the user experience. The smart card is easily inserted and removed on the back of the smart card reader. A Guardian Case is available for extra tough user environments.

Wide range of use cases
Tactivo can be used with a wide range of applications that enables many different use cases. Our strong partner network, which includes some of the leading mobility vendors, offers solutions that easily can be integrated into any smart card infrastructure.

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Presentation av Precise Biometrics (2015-11-19)

Kvartalsrapport 4:a (2016-02-16)



  •   Consolidated net sales increased to SEK 23.4 (9.9) million.
  •   Operating profit increased to SEK 4.4 (-9.7) million.
  •   EBITDA increased to SEK 6.7 (-6.3) million.
  •   Profit after tax increased to SEK 4.3 (-9.6) million.
  •   Earnings per share for the period increased to SEK 0.01 (-0.03).


  •   Consolidated net sales increased to SEK 56.3 (31.4) million.
  •   Operating profit improved to SEK -9.4 (-44.5) million.
  •   EBITDA improved to SEK 0.5 (-31.7) million.
  •   Loss after tax improved to SEK -9.4 (-44.0) million.
  •   Earnings per share improved to SEK -0.03 (-0.13).
  •   Cash and cash equivalents were SEK 52.3 (59.7) million at the end of the year.
  •   The business areas Desktop & Physical Access Solutions is integrated into Mobile Smart Card Solutions from the start of 2016.


  •   Precise BioMatch Mobile was integrated into over 20 smartphones.
  •   Licensing agreements were signed with five sensor manufacturers; Cypress, Oxi Technology, Focaltech, Gingytech and J-Metrics.
  •   Follow-on order for Tactivo from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense.


  •   Precise BioMatch Mobile was integrated into over 55 smartphones from more than 25 manufacturers.
  •   Licensing agreements were signed with eight sensor manufacturers; Silead, JP Sensor, Elan, Cypress, Oxi Technology, Focaltech, Gingytech and J-Metrics.
  •   Several follow-on orders for Tactivo from the Defense Logistics Agency.
  •   Tactivo order from the US Navy for secure mobile access to e-mail and browsing capabilities on iOS devices
  •   Tactivo order from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Oxleas NHS Trust in the UK for secure mobile access to healthcare systems.
  •   Precise Biometrics was awarded the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for Global Customer Value Leadership in fingerprint recognition for mobile devices.

Kommentar från VD

I ́m very pleased and proud to announce that the positive sales trends within Fingerprint Technology and Mobile Smart Card Solutions are continuing and have led to Precise Biometrics showing an operating profit at EBITDA level for the full year for the first time in the company’s history. Net sales in the fourth quarter totaled SEK 23.4 million, representing an increase of 138 per cent compared with the same quarter 2014. Operating costs are well-controlled and rose marginally during the quarter. The quarter’s EBITDA increased to SEK 6.7 million, and the period’s net profit improved to SEK 4.3 million. Developments in 2015 showed very strong sequential growth in sales and profit. It is extremely gratifying to see that all efforts made during the past two years have now borne fruit.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-21 kl. 18.19.52

The market for fingerprint technology in mobile devices is continuing to grow rapidly. The fourth quarter saw the launch of a further 20 smartphones with Precise BioMatch Mobile. Precise BioMatch Mobile has been integrated into a total of more than 55 smartphones from over 25 manufacturers, including smartphones from brands such as Google, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Sony and Xiaomi. Fingerprint readers is now standard for nearly all manufacturers’ premium models, and is also increasing rapidly for phones in the medium and low-price segments. One third of all smartphones sold in 2015 contained fingerprint technology. In tandem with the volume growth in the market, interest is also increasing among new players to take a market share. We concluded licensing agreements during the quarter with five additional sensor manufacturers – Cypress, Oxi Technology, Focaltech, Gingytech and J-Metrics. We now have a agreements with a total of ten sensor manufacturers, which further reinforces our position as the market-leading supplier of fingerprint software, and thereby provides good prerequisites for continued growth and a large market share.

Några av märkena som använder Precise Biometrics
Några av företagen som använder Precise Biometrics

The interest for fingerprint technology within other product areas than smartphones is growing rapidly. Hundreds of millions of people use fingerprint technology every day in their smartphones for greater convenience and security. The technology is accepted and will soon be found more or less in every person’s hand, which will also lower the threshold for integration in other types of products. As sensors become smaller and therefore cheaper, while new sensor technologies gain a foothold in the market, prerequisites for growth will be created within new product areas such as smart cards, wearables, locks, vehicles and products within the concept known as Internet of Things. Our fingerprint software is already integrated into several products in the market, such as national ID cards, locks, electronic wallets and PC accessories. In addition, we are involved in several interesting projects that we believe could provide support to our growth during the coming years.

Positive developments within the Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area are continuing. We received orders during the quarter from units of the US Department of Defense and from the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Growth is driven by higher demands for secure mobility solutions and improved access to mobile applications with support for smart cards. In the United States, major orders were received from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the US Navy. We anticipate continued orders from the US Department of Defense as a result of their efforts to roll out mobile solutions for secure access to email and the Internet.

US Department of Defense

The healthcare markets in Sweden and the United Kingdom have developed well with both increased sales and a rising number of pilot projects for secure mobility with Tactivo. In order to meet demand, we have worked intensively with our partners to package attractive solutions with Tactivo that enable convenient and secure mobility with smart cards. Feedback has been very positive from both healthcare staff and managers, which leads us to believe that sales will continue to increase in both the United Kingdom and Sweden.


The company is stronger than ever, and is well-positioned for continued profitable growth. We have established Precise Biometrics as the leading supplier of fingerprint software for the mobile device market. The volume within the market and the number of utilization areas for fingerprint technology is increasing rapidly. Our objective is to increase sales and market share within the segment of fingerprint technology for mobile devices, and to establish a leading position within new product areas that require a small sensor. We shall ensure that our software gives the best user experience of products with small fingerprint sensors for platforms with limited processing power and memory space, irrespective of the sensor technology, operating system or platform. We will create prerequisites for achieving our objectives by strengthening our collaboration with existing customers and initiating new agreements with additional sensor manufacturers.

We also see good growth potential within the Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area. Interest is rising within existing markets for Tactivo, and the possibility exists to develop new markets, primarily within the public sector, where a smart card is often required for secure mobile log-in to information.

Håkan Persson, CEO

PM sedan kvartalsrapporten

Precise Biometrics ingår avtal med Fingerprint Cards för smarta kort - (2016-02-17)

Precise Biometrics, marknadsledare inom fingeravtrycksmjukvara, utökar licensavtalet med Fingerprint Cards till att omfatta Precise BioMatch™ Embedded för smarta kort.

Fingerprint Cards
Det utökade licensavtalet genererar royaltyintäkter baserat på Fingerprint Cards försäljning av fingeravtryckssensorer för smarta kort som använder Precise BioMatch Embedded. Royaltyn är volymbaserad och kan inte prognosticeras i dagsläget. ”Det finns ett stort intresse av att integrera fingeravtrycksteknik inom nya produktområden. Det utökade avtalet med Fingerprint Cards, den största sensortillverkaren, bekräftar vår position som den ledande leverantören av fingeravtrycksmjukvara och öppnar upp intressanta tillväxtmöjligheter inom smarta kort”, - Håkan Persson, VD för Precise Biometrics.
De kommande åren kommer smarta kort och andra nya marknader att bidra till en kraftigt ökad tillväxt i marknaden för fingeravtryckssensorer”,-  Jörgen Lantto, VD för Fingerprint Cards.
Vår ambition är att ta den ledande positionen inom dessa nya områden på samma sätt som vi gjort inom smartphones. Vår ledande fingeravtryckssensorteknologi tillsammans med Precise Biometrics algoritm kommer att erbjuda marknadsledande prestanda” - Jörgen Lantto.
Jörgen Lantto, VD för Fingerprint Cards.
Jörgen Lantto, VD för Fingerprint Cards.


Är Precise Biometrics värdering rimlig? (2015-08-18)

Precise biometrics faller 20% (2015-11-09)

Veckans affärer (2016-01-19)

Precise Biometrics aktie stiger kraftigt efter att vd:n intervjuats av Nyhetsbyrån Direkt. Vd Håkan Persson spår bland annat en fortsatt bruttomarginal på 80 procent. Bolaget försöker också bredda kundbasen för att inte vara så beroende av Fingerprint Cards.

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Privata affärer (2016-02-16)

Privata affärer (2016-02-16)

Trots ett stort kursfall senaste månaderna är Precise Biometrics fortfarande mycket högt värderat. Ett nytt avtal med Fingerprint om smarta kort är dock en viktig pusselbit för framtiden, skriver Privata Affärers Magnus Alfredsson. 

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